Tips for travelling with Friends

Throughout my early solo travel years, I struggled to find friends who had enough money to travel and wanted to embark on the same adventures that I did. So finally when it came to travelling with a group of my nearest and dearest friends, I had a couple of things to consider.

This was a great opportunity to spend being adventurous while exploring the world and creating memories to last with those I value most, but having heard many tales of ruined friendships and falling outs I knew I didn’t want this to happen to me, and I wouldn’t want it to happen to you either.

Which is why when travelling with friends, it does requires some compromise and transparency to ensure that you have a great time and arrive home with your friendship still in tact!


1. Be upfront with your finances

Before you even book a thing, it’s best to have a conversation about your holiday and travel expectations including budget, transportation and accommodation preferences. If you are expecting to stay in hostels to save money but you friend is planning 5* all the way, you might have different trips in mind.


2. Set itinerary expectations

While you may not want to plot out minute by minute of your trip, at least discussing what you would want to do at each destination will set up expectations for the trip.  This way you could compromise on what you want to see before hitting the ground at your destination and not seeing those things you desperately want to.


3. Do that thing they suggest

Be mindful that you won’t necessarily want to see exactly the same things on your holiday. Your travel buddy may be super keen to go and see a museum that doesn’t really interest you, but when you really want to go on that third brewery tour they might want to call it a day. So you can either tag along to try a new experience, hell you might even enjoy yourself or you can do your own thing while they are doing what will make their holiday!


4. You will get on each other’s nerves

Travel is tiring and frustrating, especially when you are in another country that possibly speaks another language. After a long hot day of walking and lining up in queues with hungry bellies you may get on each other’s nerves at some point. Just make sure you each take a break for a few moments by going for a walk or even spending part of a sightseeing day doing your own thang.


5. Checking In on Social Media

Some friends will travel and post every moment and others would prefer a limited presence. Make sure you are aware of your friends preferences and you check anything that might rub them up the wrong way before hitting the post button and tagging them across Twitter, Facebook, Insta and Snapchat.


6. Create memories

Make sure you have a fun time and be adventurous with your friend. Create those incredible life changing memories from hiking to the top of a mountain and accidentally taking the long way round to eating that incredible French macaroon you saw on Instragram or even skinny dipping in the Mediterranean Sea.


7. Reflect on your day

Make that time once a day when you reflect on how awesome the day was. Even if there was conflict, tears or other travel woes, there is always something incredible in a travel day. This could be on your long train journey or while have a glass of wine at the end of the night.


I’m still new to this travelling with friends situation so let me know your travel tips for travelling with friends.