A Beginners Guide To Earning Frequent Flyer Points – On Holiday

What is the deal with frequent flyer points?

What are they?

How do they work?

Do you have to travel often to earn them?

These are all the questions I had about earning frequent flyer points or miles until very recently when I thought that it was time that I get on top of how it works.

Since figuring out how they work, I have become slightly obsessed with how I can earn them because flights aren’t the only to earn points! There are so many ways to earn points, some that you are not aware of but could get you earning points right away for things that you are doing in your every day life. So in this two-part guide, I am going to take you through some easy ways to earn frequent flyer points both on the road and while at home.

In this part, I’ll take you through understanding how to earn points for your holiday, both before you leave and while on holiday. Earning points on holiday is a no given, here are the big ticket items that you should definitely be earning points for:

1. Flights

Obviously, flights are the most obvious way to earn your frequent flyer miles, but unless you are travelling frequently, these will take some time to accrue to a decent number. Make sure you fly with the same airline or one within the same group, for example if you flew one leg on a Qantas flight and another on Finnair, because you will be able to accrue points from other flights on your main airlines frequent flyer program.

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2. Hotels

While booking your flights, you will most likely be directed to your airlines’ hotel partners, booking websites or if you are with Virgin America then you can earn points with Airbnb.

3. Travel Money

If your trip takes you overseas, then it’s more than likely that you will need different currencies where you are visiting. So most major airlines will be linked to a travel money program, if they don’t already have one themselves, for example Qantas has Qantas Cash or Virgin has Global Wallet. These programs make it much easier to access your money overseas hassle free whilst also earning frequent flyer points.


4. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance… a must have when you travel! All airlines offer travel insurance, which you will notice when booking your flights. Airlines offer bonus points if you purchase their travel insurance, the higher tier you purchase, the more bonus points you will likely earn as well!

5. Car Hire & Taxi Bookings

If you are going somewhere you will need to hire a car, then check to see if the car hire company is affiliated with your airline. If so, you can claim points on you car hire, making the expense worth something! If you are in Australia and travel with Qantas, they also offer points to customers who book a taxi through the GoCatch app.

6. Duty Free

And finally, the best part about travel, well not really. But looking through the shops as you wait at the airport to leave on your holiday full of excitement and optimism and that perfume or brand new handbag is just calling your name! To earn points, you will need to do your duty free shopping while on the plane, which will limit your options, but if you are after the giant Toblerone, that you know you are going to get, then make sure you are earning points!

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Let me know in the comments the ways that you earn frequent flyer points on holiday.


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