10 Tips to Reduce Jet Lag

….Or avoid it completely.

In the lead up to your holiday you might be more excited than Lizzie McGuire heading to Rome, but then you land at your long planned holiday it hits, the jet lag! Knocking you out for several days of poor sleep and poor sightseeing, it’s no fun.

So to help you avoid the jet lag fatigue of long haul flights, today I will share with you some tips that will help you to overcome jet lag much quicker! With things that you can do before you even step onto the plane, what to do on your journey and then the best things to do when you arrive so that you can get on with enjoying your holiday!


Before You Leave

Book an overnight flight

Book a flight where you will travel later in the day, in particular overnight, not only can you head to the airport from work to make the most of your annual leave but you will also enjoy dinner at the right time and be ready to catch a few zzz’s.


Get Physical

If you can, get physical before you leave for the airport with a work out or a walk, this will help you sleep much better on the plane. If there is no time to fit in exercise, make sure you walk and keep active at the airport before you board.


Adjust to your new timezone

While you are waiting at your gate or once you have boarded, reset your watch and phone to time of your destination, this will start you get you mentally ready for the timezone you are travelling too. Consider using a tool such as Jet Lag Rooster to create a jet lag plan that will let you know when is ideal to sleep to adjust to your new timezone.

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During Your Journey

Drink lots of water

Being at altitude is no time for alcohol and caffeine, as these will dehydrate you and lead to a higher chance of jetlag upon arrival at your destination. Make sure you keep hydrated by bringing your own water bottle, otherwise you will quickly become the new BFF of the cabin crew. Make sure you also keep your water consumption up once you land.


Eat light meals and take snacks

Food served on airplanes can contribute to jet lag at the destination due to the high salt content. So if you can make sure you stick to light meals that are plant based and contain a protein and supplement with snack such as fruit and nuts. This will make all the difference when you arrive at your destination ready full of energy ready for adventure!


Move around the plane

Moving on planes is important to reduce cramping, deep vein thrombosis and to feel refreshed throughout the flight. When you aren’t sleeping, keep the blood circulating by getting up and walking around the plane and adding a couple of stretches in.


Be comfortable

For any long haul flight, you will want to be as comfortable as you can. Make sure you wear clothes comfortable enough to sleep in, take an eye mask, ear plugs and a good quality pair of noise cancelling headphones that will cut out all the background noise so you can rest when you need and enjoy a movie marathon. You will be here a long time and it’s best to be comfortable!


At Your Destination

Say Hello, Sunshine

When travelling longhaul you spend hours on the plane not to mention the time in the airport terminal before taking off or in transit. So making sure that you get fresh air and some sunshine as soon as you can will help you start to adjust to your new time zone.


Check In & Freshen Up

Once you check in and drop off your bags, you are probably feeling a bit dank from the flight, so freshen up, take a shower and pop on a fresh shirt and you’ll feel nice and fresh to get out and start sightseeing. Only if desperately needed, take a 20 min disco nap to see you through!


Rest at local time

Try to adjust to your new time zone as soon as possible by completing your usual routine in local time. Make sure you eat dinner at the same time and go to bed after sundown as you usually would.


What are your jet lag remedies? Let me know in the comments.


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